The Psychedelic Experience – June 12th, 2014 – The Journey Begins


The Psych Professor and DJ Mellow Yellow dive head first into the 60’s psychedelic scene. The playlist covers the gamut of psychedelic music with the Professor choosing to go in chronological order and DJ Mellow Yellow going from soft to full-on psych. Listen in as they take you on a musical journey through the 1960’s Psychedelic Experience. Stream below or download here.


Full Playlist

  1. Bob Dylan – I Shall Be Free
  2. Moody Blues – Go Now
  3. Cowsills – The Rain, the Park and Other Things
  4. Zig Zag People – Little Bit of Soul
  5. Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence
  6. Chad and Jeremy – Rest in Peace
  7. Beach Boys – Feel Flows
  8. Hobbits – Men and Doors
  9. Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man
  10. Janis Joplin – Another Piece of My Heart
  11. Vanilla Fudge – Season of the Witch
  12. Forum Quorum – No More Tears
  13. Bob Seger System – 2+2=?
  14. Tommy James and the Shondells – Crystal Blue Persuasion
  15. Beatles – Across the Universe
  16. The Hellers – High Fly Ball
  17. United States of America – Garden of Earthly Delights
  18. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Suppose They Gave a War
  19. Blue Phantom – Distillation




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