The Psychedelic Experience – April 2, 2015 – The Psych Professor and His New Orleans Congregation


The Psych Professor is on a trip to New Orleans this week, so we did that Voodoo that we do and pre-recorded a show featuring some of the best music that the psychedelic 60s has to offer.  Stream below or download here. *Disclaimer below.

*None of the music contained within has anything to do with New Orleans, Dr. John, or any such related material. Listen with the expectation of having that expectation squashed. The guys didn’t think of doing that until, well, just now. We’re idiots. That is all.*

Full Playlist

  1. The Velvet Underground – I Found a Reason
  2. The Paupers – My Love Hides Your View
  3. Colours – Rather Be Me
  4. The American Revolution – Opus #1
  5. The Illusion – Peace Pipe
  6. Eden’s Children – Don’t Tell Me
  7. Jefferson Airplane – The Last Will of the Castle
  8. The Seeds – Evil Hoodoo
  9. Zoo – Endless Words
  10. Green Lyte Sunday – My Own Time
  11. Blood, Sweat & Tears – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
  12. Pig Iron – Abe’s Blues
  13. Linn County – Elevator Woman
  14. Howlin’ Wolf – Back Door Man
  15. The Zodiac – Aries – The Fire Fighter
  16. I.M.E. – Trust In Men Everywhere
  17. Lothar and the Hand People – Space Hymn
  18. David Bowie – Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed



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