The Psychedelic Experience – October 13, 2016 – Waiting For The Fun


Are you sitting around with nothing to do and waiting for something fun to come along? Wait no more!* The Psychedelic Experience is back with a new episode! Stream below or download here.

*Disclaimer: Fun cannot be guaranteed. All fun that is had by you, the listener, is solely at your own discretion, and we make no express guarantee that fun will be had by listening to the episode. We can only guarantee that we sincerely hope that you do, in fact, have fun listening.*

Full Playlist

  1. Sam Cooke – Having A Party
  2. Don Covay – Mercy Mercy
  3. The Soul Survivors – Please Please Please
  4. Mouse and the Traps – Sometimes You Just Can’t Win
  5. The Left Banke – I Haven’t Got The Nerve
  6. The Pretty Things – Trippin’
  7. George Harrison – Bangladesh
  8. Rodriguez – Sugar Man
  9. Bob Dylan – When I Paint My Masterpiece
  10. The Animals – Boom Boom
  11. The Outsiders – Time Won’t Let Me
  12. The Strangeloves – Night Time
  13. Pink Floyd – Mudmen
  14. The Professionals – A Part Of Being With You
  15. The Stooges – Ann
  16. Captain Beefheart – On Tomorrow
  17. The Doors – Five To One
  18. Morgen – Purple
  19. H. P. Lovecraft – Mobius Trip



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