The Psychedelic Experience – February 2, 2017 – The Groundhog Day Blues


We’ve got the Groundhog Day Blues, and they only cure is more psychedelic music. That smug rodent may have ushered in six more weeks of winter, but we are heating things up in this episode with a blistering playlist of smokin’ psychedelic tunes! And more movie talk. We can’t help ourselves. Stream below or download here.

Full Playlist

  1. Thee Midniters – Whittier Blvd.
  2. The Beatles – Get Back
  3. Q65 – The Life I Live
  4. The Celtics – Looking For You
  5. The Plastic People – Hide
  6. Creation of Sunlight – David
  7. Frank Zappa – Time and Money
  8. Flat Earth Society – Portraits In Grey
  9. The Forum Quorum – No More Tears
  10. The Gurus – Blue Snow Night
  11. The Hook – Plug Your Head In
  12. The Electric Toilet – Goodbye My Darling
  13. Lyn Christopher – Take Me With You
  14. Van Morrison – Just Like A Woman
  15. Oscar Isaac – Hang Me, Oh Hang Me



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