The Psychedelic Experience – September 21, 2017 – The Ones That Got Away

Oh, Lionel, how we wish it was you we were looking for. Goodwills everywhere are overflowing with your records. The ones we’re looking for are playing hard to get. We’ve had a ton of good luck with vinyl finds recently, but you don’t stay up late thinking about the ones you found. You always go back to the ones that got away, and on this episode we are visiting some of those heartbreakers. No tears will be shed, but there will be plenty of longing sighs. Stream below or download here.

Full Playlist

  1. Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farm – Oh Gosh (Running Through The Forest)
  2. Tangerine Zoo – The Flight
  3. Floating Bridge – Eight Miles High/Paint It Black Medley
  4. Kitchen Cinq – Determination
  5. Savage Resurrection – Talking To You
  6. Lollipop Shoppe – Don’t Look Back
  7. Zoo – Chocolate Moose
  8. Ellie Pop – Can’t Be Love
  9. The Baroques – Mary Jane
  10. Troyka – Berry Picking
  11. Moon – Pirate
  12. Ill Wind – Little Man
  13. Jelly Bean Bandits – Neon River
  14. Randy Holden – Fruit and Icebergs
  15. Hardwater – Good Luck
  16. Bohemian Vendetta – Riddles and Fairytales
  17. Merrell Fankhauser and HMS Bounty – Rich Man’s Fable
  18. Sapphire Thinkers – Melancholy Baby
  19. Arthur – Dreams and Images



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