The Psychedelic Experience – February 22, 2018 – Down The Garage Rabbit Hole

“It was much pleasanter with pop,” thought poor Professor and Mellow Yellow, “when songs weren’t always growing louder and snottier, and being blasted with fuzz and distortion. We almost wish we hadn’t gone down the rabbit hole… and yet…and yet….”

Sorry, Alice. We have no regrets about going down this rabbit hole! The Psychedelic Experience is following this hole in the garage all the way dooooown! Stream below or download here.

Full Playlist

  1. Larry and the Blue Notes – Night of the Sadist
  2. Satan’s Breed – Laugh Myself To The Grave
  3. The Rats – The Rat’s Revenge
  4. Pleasure Seekers – What A Way To Die
  5. The What For – I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy
  6. The Whyte Boots – Nightmare
  7. The Customs Five – Let’s Go In ’69
  8. The Dirty Whyte Boots – Let’s Go In ’69
  9. The Luv’d Ones – Walkin’ The Dog
  10. The Debutantes – Love Is Strange
  11. The Fondettes – The Beatles Are In Town
  12. The Liberty Bell – Look For Tomorrow
  13. The Eye Zooms – She’s Gone
  14. Tides In – Trip With Me
  15. The Dagenites – I’m Gone Slide
  16. Mysterions – Is It A Lie
  17. The Shag – Stop And Listen
  18. Evil Enc. Group – Hey You
  19. Glass Sun – Silence Of The Morning
  20. Wildwood – Plastic People
  21. Peacepipe – A Bikers Tune
  22. Local Traffic – Time Gone To Waste



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