The Psychedelic Experience – March 1, 2018 – 4th Annual Sort-of Oscars Special (Mini-episode edition)

You have heard us ramble on endlessly about movies for weeks now, and here we are with a special episode dedicated to more movie talk and our official Oscar picks. But fear not – it’s a mini-episode. There’s still talk-a-plenty, but there’s also a solid dose of psychedelia for those of you that wish to skip the movie talk. Next week will resume our regularly scheduled programming (*probably with a bit of movie talk sprinkled in). Stream below or download here.

Coming Soon.

Full Playlist

  1. Afterglow – Morning
  2. Fallen Angels – Introspective Looking Glass
  3. The Litter – Action Woman
  4. Zephyr – Cross The River
  5. Valhalla – Hard Times
  6. Fever Tree – Time Is Now
  7. Pearls Before Swine – The Jeweler
  8. Golden Dawn – My Time
  9. Silver Apples – You And I
  10. Gandalf – Hang On To A Dream
  11. Velvet Underground – Who Loves The Sun



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