The Psychedelic Experience – June 7, 2018 – Schedule Change

We are back with our regularly scheduled programming! Except there is a slight change in the schedule… We will be doing a new episode every two weeks over the summer instead of our usual weekly episodes. We know you will miss us dearly in those off weeks, but hark! Fear not! We’ll also be posting a new Record Run video every other week! Tune in for more details and some fantastic psychedelic rock! Stream below or download here. 

Full Playlist

  1. Beach Boys – Surfin’ Safari
  2. The Trashmen – Sleeper
  3. Jan and Dean – Dead Man’s Curve
  4. Hapshash and the Coloured Coat – H-O-P-P-Why
  5. Douglas Fir – Hard Heartsingin’
  6. Art – Brothers Dads and Mothers
  7. Traffic – House For Everyone
  8. Joe Beck – Nature Boy
  9. Silver Apples – Love Fingers
  10. Moloch – Maverick Woman Blues
  11. Mothers of Invention – Duke of Prunes
  12. Leigh Stephens – Red Weather
  13. Jimmie Haskell – To Claudia On Thursday
  14. Truk – Country Woman
  15. Bonzo Dog Band – 11 Mismatched Daughters
  16. Hearts and Flowers – Ode To A Tin Angel



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