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DJ Mellow Yellow Goes To Austin – The 13th Floor Elevators at Austin Psych Fest 2015

DJ Mellow Yellow recently trekked to Austin, TX for Austin Psych Fest Presents Levitation 2015 (that’s a mouthful). He got the chance to see a ton of incredible bands play, but the highlight of the weekend was The 13th Floor Elevators 50th Anniversary Concert. The concert started off a little shaky, and it took the group a few songs to find their groove but that didn’t take away from the enormity of seeing the Elevators reunited for the first time in decades. It was an incredible experience and one that Mellow Yellow won’t soon forget. Presented for you here is The 13th Floor Elevators’ encore performance of the psychedelic classic “You’re Gonna Miss Me.” Best viewed in HD and with popcorn.

Lineup: Roky Erickson on lead vocals and guitar, Tommy Hall on electric jug, John Ike Walton on drums, Ronnie Leatherman on bass, taking the place of deceased Stacy Sutherland on guitar were Fred Mitchim and Eli Southard, and Roky’s son, Jegar, was on harmonica.





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