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The Psychedelic Experience – October 16, 2014 – Stoned to the Beat


Get ready for our special 3 hour ALL Beatles and Rolling Stones episode! The Psych Professor and DJ Mellow Yellow will be answering age old questions like: did Paul McCartney have those moves like Jagger? Ok, they won’t be answering that question, but they will be taking a look at these two iconic bands and how their careers evolved through the 1960s. This is going to be a show you won’t want to miss! Stream below or download here.

Full Playlist

  1. The Beatles – I Wanna Be Your Man
  2. The Rolling Stones – I Wanna Be Your Man
  3. The Beatles – Chains
  4. The Rolling Stones – Tell Me (You’re Coming Back)
  5. The Beatles – Don’t Bother Me
  6. The Rolling Stones – Time Is On My Side
  7. The Beatles – Any Time At All
  8. The Rolling Stones – If You Need Me
  9. The Beatles – Baby’s In Black
  10. The Rolling Stones – Off The Hook
  11. The Beatles – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
  12. The Rolling Stones – That’s How Strong My Love Is
  13. The Beatles – Nowhere Man
  14. The Rolling Stones – As Tears Go By
  15. The Beatles – Love You To
  16. The Rolling Stones – Paint, It Black
  17. The Beatles – Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
  18. The Rolling Stones – Something Happened To Me Yesterday
  19. The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour
  20. The Rolling Stones – 2000 Light Years From Home
  21. The Beatles – The Inner Light
  22. The Rolling Stones – Salt Of The Earth
  23. The Beatles – Glass Onion
  24. The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
  25. The Beatles – Only A Northern Song
  26. The Rolling Stones – Sister Morphine
  27. The Beatles – Octopus’s Garden
  28. The Rolling Stones – Shine A Light
  29. The Beatles – Across the Universe
  30. The Rolling Stones – Winter
  31. Plastic Ono Band – Instant Karma (We All Shine On)
  32. Plastic Ono Band – Give Peace A Chance




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