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The Psychedelic Experience – December 11, 2014 – The Shape of Psych to Come



Tonight’s show is being dubbed “The Shape of Psych To Come,” and the guys will be spinning tunes that are shape related – circles, triangles, rhombuses, etc. Or is it rhombi? …Whatever… Tune in and find out! (Spoiler alert: you won’t really find out but tune in anyway!) Stream below or download here.

Full Playlist

  1. Max Frost and the Troopers – Shape of Things to Come
  2. The American Breed – Bend Me, Shape Me
  3. The Yellow Balloon – The Yellow Balloon
  4. The Lemon Pipers – The Shoemaker of Leatherwear Square
  5. The Beach Boys – I Get Around
  6. The Cyrkle – Don’t Cry, No Fears, No Tears Comin’ Your Way
  7. Big Star – In the Street
  8. Janis Joplin – Half Moon
  9. The Crystal Mansion – Let Me Get Straight Again
  10. Love – Colored Balls Falling
  11. Bloodrock – Double Cross
  12. Pentagram – Be Forewarned
  13. Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box
  14. Pentangle – Market Song
  15. The Tea Company – Love Could Make the World Go Round
  16. Flat Earth Society – Feelin’ Much Better
  17. Small Faces – Green Circles
  18. The Beau Brummels – Triangle
  19. The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Good Morning Starshine
  20. The Beatles – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
  21. Tom Rush – The Circle Game
  22. The Yardbirds – Shapes of Things



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