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The Psychedelic Experience – August 28, 2014 – Space Rituals and Astral Weeks

spaceritualexperience.jpgThe guys go river deep and mountain high covering everything from Hawkwind to Phil Ochs. The Psych Professor plays some picks from Mojo’s 50 Albums to Fry Your Brain, and DJ Mellow Yellow culled his every growing wantlist for his selections. Come along on this Psychedelic Experience as the guys cue up the lever and drop the needle on some of the best music that psychedelia has to offer. Stream below or download here.


Full Playlist

  1. Manfred Mann – Semi Detached Suburban Mr. James
  2. Ides of March – Vehicle
  3. Fargo – I See It Now
  4. Os Mutantes – Bat Mucamba
  5. Farm – Sunshine In My Window
  6. Holy Modal Rounders – Take Off Artist Song
  7. Corpus – Creation A Child
  8. Van Morrison – Sweet Thing
  9. Rotary Connection – Amen
  10. CA Quintet – Smooth as Silk
  11. Millennium – Some Sunny Day
  12. David Bowie – Space Oddity
  13. J.K. & Co. – Fly
  14. Dreamies – Program Ten Part Six
  15. Frank Zappa – Willie the Pimp
  16. Moonrakers – Love Train
  17. Hawkwind – Down Through the Night
  18. Little Boy Blues – Seed of Love
  19. Phil Ochs – Here’s to the State of Richard Nixon
  20. Golden State Quartet – Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’
  21. J.D. Blackfoot – Waiting to Be Born




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